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The worst "company" ever.They dropped my car on the side of the road instead of delivering to the agreed place.

They left keys inside and I only found out where my Lexus was after 1 day. So I sent another truck to pick up the car. And then they lied that they would cover my expenses. Now I can't reach them over the phone and they don't respond to my emails.

Check their cancelations on USHIP. they are liers and crooks. Run away. I wish somebody could give me that advice before I accepted their bid.

I'm going to post it everywhere until they close their stinky service.



Wooo buddy, don't get to vile. Stinky service--how old are you?

Luv2transport - Damaged My Motorcycle and did not deliver my Title.

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I bid a job to deliver my Ducati motorcycle from CT to Indianapolis on UShip.The shippers dropped the bike and caused $2800.00 damage, they also did not deliver the Title and the stock muffler (they left it in another truck).

The company is labeled as "Luv2Transport" on Uship and its associate is "Easy Movers". They promised to pay for the damage and Fedex my Title and stock muffler. They have done neither! They do not have a DOT license and are committing interstate shipping fraud.

Peggy Davenport is their communicator and Jim Sorrell is an associate. The only business address I have for them is 4929 Manchester Rd. Middletown, Ohio, 45042. Do not do business with them!

They will not answer your calls, ever, and the email responses are one line promises and blatant lies.

UShip has not returned any of my emails to them which is also very disappointing.



I am a service provider from UShip. Yes, I agree with you that there is some companies offering services that are NOT legal and have other things in mind. Unfortunately, I had to cancel 3 agreements out of 52, at no time was it do to anything I did wrong or damage to a shippers item(s), but it still goes against me. I do offer a full explanation though, just so no one thinks I just stiffed someone.

In today's world...there is a lot a schemers and dishonest people. Me and my family of workers...thank God...don't fall into that category. We work hard to maintain our reputation and satisfy ALL our customers. Yes, we do 25% of our cross country work via UShip.

Just Remember...all UShip service providers are not dishonest. The customer's need to ask questions and make sure that the "SP" gives them all the information on their insurance beforehand. Honest/legal companies will do whatever it takes to get your business.


Update.....they have finally shipped my title and stock muffler (2 weeks later) and have "promised" to pay about half of the estimated damage (I did not pay them for delivery though so if I receive the sum promised, I'm okay with that).No check yet but promised by Oct 6th.

If no check by then, I have to spend more money with a small claims/municipal civil lawyer in Ohio. Peggy has kept in touch via one line emails. What is important for others to know is that on Uship I recommend that any "cancellations" concerning shipping providers be regarded as Negative feedback! In other words, what Luv2transport does is as soon as there is a dispute with shipping times, or in my case damage to the item, they immediately go on line and "cancel" the shipment.

This is a loophole they use to avoid negative feedback. I'm sure other shippers are doing the same. As soon as I found out my bike was damaged and started asking questions, the Uship website popped up with a "cancelation" notice from Peggy saying "we canceled this shipment, we don't trust this guy!". What burned me is that my "feedback" to uship about this bogus cancelation never showed up on the website.

By the way, VLAD, you can contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. I have been withholding my complaint with them to see if I get payment.

If no payment, then I too will go forward with an official report to both of them.Hope this helps...

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Manzini, Manzini, Swaziland #37333

I'm the guy with the lexus, I'm going to post this on as many websites as I can. PEGGY ---YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey thanks, that's a great comment.*** to accept bid, yes, perhaps.

But this site is designed to tell others not to make the same mistake you did. I sense some jealousy in your comment too. I never used the word "precious" (you spelled it wrong bright guy!) Maybe if you spent less time writing snide replies or rejoicing in others misfortune, you could work harder and afford a nice bike too!

Thanks for the reply LOL!Now I'm LOLing at you Toolbag!


My god, I am falling off my chair!You accepted a bid for your "precious" bike to be transported by an outfit that had this to say about themselves on uShip....."we are a small company and we do deliverys our self...

we dont sub out and sell you contract to some one else..we have flat beds and enclosed trailers..we do cars and bikes.. and also furniture.. we do door to door and we come into home for pick ups and drop offs..we wrap furniture in padding.. thanks " Can you imagine accepting a bid from that opening remark, people??

LOL And listen to this response, people, from yet another unsatisfied customer of this gem of a transportation company, as recetly as September 23rd, 2008 "The Service Provider is not able to accommodate my shipment. RUN AWAY FROM THIS PEOPLE! THE WORST EXPIERENCE EVER.they were supposed to deliver it on Friday or Saturday, Instead of that they came on Sunday night. I told them there is no guarantee that the car would be accepted.

They told me they would wait till monday. Instead of that they dropped my LEXUS(with the keys inside) on the side of the road half kilometer from the place. The next day I found out where my car was and sent another truck to pick it up. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

" Nice business choosing, gatordoc!LOL

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